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Well, today is Memorial Day! While many people enjoy this day as a time for hot dogs, hamburgers, and coleslaw, others honor the memory of family members and friends, fallen service members, and first responders. It is a day to honor their contributions and how they touch our lives.

Some days we become so busy, shuffling about from task to task, meeting to meeting, and any other responsibilities. While there is a lack of agreement on the best methods to remember, it’s important not to forget. As I knelt at of my grandfather and grandmother gravesite, I considered the hard work and sacrifices of their lives. Along the same row, my uncles and two aunts rest, and I considered how they touched my life. Some days remembering is hard, but I pull strength from knowing their sacrifice paved the way for me. Now, let me be clear, this is not all about me.

A battle buddy of mine posted beautiful pictures of his tour in Normandy. The pictures highlighted the beautiful chapels, a wall of names of soldiers that gave everything in service. As a veteran, it is always powerful, not just on Memorial Day, to consider the commitments to serve others. Many, on this day, thank me for my service. Again, it’s not about me. Remember those who honored us with their service and, many times, gave their lives.

So, for today, take a minute to remember. Remember, the words our deeds of a beloved family member, friend, soldier, law enforcement officer, firefighter, nurse, and be grateful for their service.

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