Yes!  I made it to on full year with my blog hooray!  I started thinking about what I had accomplished this year.  For starters, most of my post ideas have ended up crumpled in a trash bin.  I realized, I am super critical of my own ideas.  The ideas behind Dreams, Team, and Visionary Themes (DTVT), actually began more like three years ago, but that critic kept sabotaging the vision.  I created a Facebook group in November 2016 that didn’t actually get published until one year ago. Ha!  Talk about procrastination.  Throughout 2016, I experienced a whirlwind of emotions and challenges.  I felt like my name could have been Monsoon that year.  Fortunately for me, tragedy turned to tenacity, and I pushed myself through the forest and looked back at the trees. I was determined to create a blog that allowed me to share, learn, collaborate and grow.  By golly, that’s what I’m doing. 

In June last year, I looked at those crumpled pages and dog-eared notebooks, took a deep breath and started DTVT.  I went back to school, earned a degree.  I contemplated starting my own business. So, Vizionary Intrepid Phoenix, LLC was born.  It’s still a development in progress, but I have a board, a skeleton business plan, and a million ideas.  I had to start somewhere.  I started collaborating with local and international individuals, groups, and organizations.  The only way to share resources is to do a little research and connecting with people who have resources.  I met a few dynamic folks that remain committed to living their best life, and I collaborate with the Best Life Collaborative.  These folks are simple phenomenal.  So, with the assistance, patience, and support of my ever-growing tribe I am evolving, transforming, and creating my vision.

Strength and Focus-Vizionary Intrepid Phoenix, LLC

I’ve discovered that people can truly break your spirit, but I still love them.  Don’t get me wrong, I am realistic.  I will only touch a hot stove once, but I continue to love people and accept them as they come.  This year, I have attempted to learned how to quiet that voice that makes me want to scream, cry, and disappear by reconnecting with my vision, my loves, nature, and all the other “warm fuzzies” that motivate me to keep pushing.  Everyone will not want to ride with you on the journey because they don’t think you should even start the car.  So, after considering my strengths and challenges, I realized my current job and I weren’t meant to be together.  So, we have agreed to part ways.  That’s another story.  I am determined to make an investment in me.  Not because someone else told me I must, but because I know I must be fearless in my quest for making my dreams a reality.  So, yep, here’s to many years of goodness to come.

Celebrate(I don’t own the rights to this),

Visionary Trailblazin’


Celebrating One Year: DTVT

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