Grace Faraja Nkundabantu,
AGHF – Founder and President

Well, hello.  I have been away for a little bit again.  Yes, life happens for us all.  So, today, instead of crawling in bed and covering my head, I had decided to share an inspirational Visionary Spotlight with you. 

For those that do not know, I have returned to school one more time.  This time, I have an opportunity to work more collaboratively with my classmates, and out of these partnerships, I met many amazing students and professionals.  However, this visionary goddess stands out for this Visionary Spotlight, Grace.  Now, I say goddess because she wears her passion and care for others with grace, pride, and a lightness that makes you lean in to learn more.

During a recent residency, I had the honor of meeting Grace, and had no idea, I would have the privilege of learning about doctoral thesis topic.  Yep, I had the honor of witnessing her commitment to vision.  Grace was a refugee as a young child that experienced hardships that assisted in shaping and molding her outlook on life.  These experiences birthed her awareness of the gaps in services for young girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo facing similar challenges associated with refugees. 

The overarching theme of her dissertation proposal highlights the work that is needed to provide increased educational, health, and social service to the region.  On top of her completing her doctoral program, she created the African Girls Hope Foundation

In the spirit of humbleness and gratitude, I look at the amazing things Grace is accomplishing, as a wife, a mother of three, and a full-time doctoral student (on her way to finalizing her doctoral capstone…and graduate).  I am honored to have her as a part of my village.  She is inspiring and changing the lives of beautiful girls all over Africa, and even more men and women all over the world.

From Grace:

As I share about my foundation – African Girls Hope Foundation (AGHF), I have attached my story for you to understand deeper why my heart is so passionate to empower education of girls in the village of Africa.  https://

We currently serve in 5 village in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  We have 100 girls who are enrolled but 24 girls only have full sponsored, 76 more are still waiting for our support! 65% of girls in AGHF program are orphans by war! Our support means a lot to these girls!

Two decades ago, my family and I survived war in DRC. All support to these girls, gives them hope for their future in many different ways! Reason why, I am reaching out to all friends, colleagues so that to stand with us in any way you can!
I would like also to ask for helping us connect with other people who can also be potential supporter to our foundation. Also, I am available for any speaking engagement to churches, organizations or other events.
Current Girl’s Project’s Needs by June 25, 2019

 I would like to invite you and help us in any of the project above. Also, let me know of any question you may have concerning our project or foundation. Your support and helping us share about our foundation to all friends, family, church and colleagues! Nelson Mandela said that “education is the greatest weapon we can use to change the world”! I believe that, by standing with us, we can make a bigger impact in the lives of orphan girls in Africa who desperately need our help!
All support can be made through our website https://

Or mail a check to African Girls Hope Foundation to  the address below:

245 B Winkler’s Creek Road, Boone, NC 28607   
Phone: 603-848-9054

If nothing else, please read the information, check out the website, and share it with others.  As always,

Keep pushing,

Visionary Trailblazin’


Visionary Spotlight: African Girls Hope Foundation

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