Keep Smiling

Apparently, this week it is about laughs.  I am working on infecting everyone with a little more smiling.  So, today I had another interesting encounter.  I must be putting off some type of weird pheromone.  I will have to keep an eye on that.  So, today, I was walking out of my building, and as … Continue reading Keep Smiling


Visionary Spotlight: The Action Jackson Project

As this year kicks off, I am focusing on more of the things that bring me joy.  One of those things is highlighting great people and their amazing visions.  So, I wanted to present some information for those who may not otherwise know.  The rate of homeless veterans has decreased significantly, nationwide over the last … Continue reading Visionary Spotlight: The Action Jackson Project

Magic Maker

So, it has been a while since I did a Visionary Spotlight.  It’s long overdue.  So, of course, we all know people who seem to make magic happen with the simplest tools. I have always been a huge fan of people who can fix and repair things with ease.  Of course, some people are more technically … Continue reading Magic Maker

Ideas on the Fly

As a person that sees the vision beyond the perceived disaster, I always see potential.  The problem with potential is that, now, it may not amount to much.  I’ve seen so many excited people driven and focused on their ideas.  Most of these visions are shared among family, friends, and, sometimes, the world.  I have … Continue reading Ideas on the Fly

Recently, I have been reading tons of articles on adolescents and youth facing challenges with high-risk behaviors, such as early-onset substance abuse, justice involvement and the connection to peer pressure, childhood trauma, and community environment. There are so many prevention and intervention programs, groups, and organizations to choose frome. The possibilities are endless and overwhelming. … Continue reading What Do the Kids Say?

What Do the Kids Say?