Second Wind

Hello friends, I have been battling my own set of weird cooties, and I am feeling much better. It is tough for me to lie down and accept that, sometimes, even Superwoman needs a break. I worked on aligning priorities, but I also took an opportunity to get the rest that my body needed to… Read More

Challenge Accepted

Well hello, friends, I have been out of commission for a little over a week now, and it made me think about at-risk youth.  Many people shy away from the children and young adults labeled “troubled” or unreachable.  Now, I will say this, some kids really know how to test anyone’s patience.  At the same… Read More

Dancing Anyone?

Greetings friends, Disclaimer: There might be some smiling involved, and some of this may be eyebrow-raising. There are so many things going on in the world that could drive anyone bonkers. You can take your pick; Virginia, Venezuela, Syria, and everywhere you turn. Now, let me say this, of course, I have an opinion about… Read More