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The past few weeks have been filled with self-reflection and self-evaluation. This week I wanted to share some of the things I’ve come up with. The Best Life Collaborative, as you can see is a place to share, learn, and grow. We have begun to take the first steps to living our best lives, on purpose. I was reminded that through our sharing we realize that we are not alone. Too often, we suffer in silence believing that no one will understand. No one could possibly believe this, no one could love me, or this is all I can do.

We are not all knowing, but what we realize is that we are greater because of our experiences, tragedies, trauma, and adversity. Sometimes, we need reminders, support, a subtle nudge. Please understand, we are still struggling everyday. Some days are great, and other days we have to scrape and claw to take another step.

I have begun to, not only read my share of awe-inspiring blog posts, but I have gotten back to the motivational videos. Every person is different, and that is what makes us wonderful. Find that thing that grounds you and keeps you focused. Unfortunately, the same things that make us wonderfully diverse, sometimes divide us.

In a recent conversation, I spoke with an inspired savvy senior that loves to cook. She has a catering business, but she has reduced her workload due to health challenges. In spite of the her situation, she remains focused and driven to serve others. She lives in a rural community that struggles to survive. When she sees a need, she fills a need. This wonderful lady, buys food, cooks it, and delivers meals to families, to ensure they have proper nutrition.

Now, at first glance, an assumption could be made that she is reimbursed or maybe, she receives grant funding. Well, I am here to tell you, she does not.
Every week, she has made food, taken people to appointments, bought clothes, you name it. All of these acts are, as she puts it, “where the spirit leads” her. Whether it is the spirit, the Universe, or a whisper in the trees, she gives freely, without a thought of payment or compensation. Someone heard about her works and wanted to do a story on the community. Here is where things turned muddy. The same families and community members that benefited from her kindness began to feel taken advantage of. They told her, “we don’t need you making fun of us. We were just fine without you. Local church leaders told her she was acting like some sort of vigilante, and her local Board of Supervisors told her to cease her efforts until they decided the next best steps.

I have shared all of this to say, everyone will not understand your plan. Everyone will not follow your plan, but you must engage in self-reflection to remember your purpose, your vision, and your plan. There will always be days when your good intentions are misconstrued or turned inside out. Stay true to your plan, stay grounded, and just breathe. Every day, try to be better than yesterday. Yep! Fall down, but don’t stay down. Someone out there understands your song, and they are willing to help you change the next verse. Just ask!

Until next time,

Vizionary Trailblazin’


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