Decluttering It All

Hey Friends,

This weekend, my family and I decided it was time to pare down some of the extra inventory that had become an overwhelming tripping hazard.  Not really, but we did begin some serious deep cleaning and removal of the unnecessary items that just took up way too much space.  I have looked at so many sites, memes, and articles about organizing and decluttering.  Some say, if you look at the items in your closet, and you wouldn’t buy it today, it needs to go.  I think that’s taking it too far for me, but we had over 40 years of combined receipts, pictures of people we don’t know, maps of places we don’t plan on going back to (we are not big scrapbookers), and other items that no longer have a place in our lives.  As we assessed the items in each box, we realized we were holding on to way too much “stuff”.  This “stuffing” was not only cluttering our physical space but our mental and emotional space.  For months, we discussed cleaning and organizing, but the thought of this arduous task was draining by itself.  We continued to place more “stuff” in, on top of, and around the leaning tower of madness.  Finally, we all decided enough was enough.  The time had come.

scrap metal trash litter scrapyard

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Getting Down to Business

One of the things I realized through this process was that this was not something specific to Spring cleaning or paring down.  It is a continuous process that I have to work on in my associations, work, relationships, and to gain and maintain balance in life. I am in no way saying I am an enlightened guru, but I am on a path of refreshing, renewing, and enjoying life.  So, let’s consider the neighbor that has the prettiest flower bed on the block.  They must continue to weed out crabgrass, spray pests that wreak havoc, and, finally, they have to prune the plants to encourage new growth.  Decluttering is the same.

heart shaped pink and purple flower garden

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Some relationships have run their course, and many times, we hang on for nostalgia, appearances, or out of just fear of the alternative.  These relationships are not specific to an intimate partner, but they include some of our “friends.”  Think reason, season, lifetime.  If you have associations that make you feel more drained than renewed, there is a need for some serious soul searching.  Clearing out the unnecessary drama, confusion, and needless conversations or interactions will make you feel lighter almost instantly.

Take Away

Now, an essential key to this is just like our weekend task.  Once you recognize that your “stuff” is no longer beneficial, it’s trashed, labeled burn pile, or donated.  That means once it’s gone, it’s indeed gone.  You’re not going back to Goodwill trying to repurchase it.  Forget about it.  You must mentally let go of the baggage and move on.  So, think about ways you can declutter.  Be grateful for every moment you have and choose wisely when adding to your inventory.

Until next time,

Visionary Trailblazin




6 thoughts on “Decluttering It All

  1. now I need you to regenerate that energy in my closets and buckets. 🙂 That’s Awesome! we are definitely trying to get there too 🙂 🤗


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