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As a proud ally, happy Pride Month. I have been away for quite some time focusing on the next level of my vision. I had to take a minute to stop in and share a poem that was on my heart this week. Try to remember, in this space of fear and anxiety, many people are still dealing with and trying to heal from their trauma; try to be patient. Hope you enjoy!

Keep pushin,

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Dear Trauma,

I wanted you to know that I thought of you today, but before you ask, not in a cherish the moment kind of way. I reflected on the many crashes and burns you caused, the sleepless nights, cold sweats, and on-going moments of pause. I thought of repressed memories where all I could do was freeze, or cry silent tears in isolation; praying you would just leave. I thought of the moments you held me close, feeling the bite of cold steel, wishing for it to be quick, followed by invisible bruises refusing to heal. I remember when some said, “No, it was all in your head”, or the moments I was so weak I preferred ceasing to exist instead. I’m writing to let you know that your days of control are numbered. Trauma you pulled out all the stops, and truly used to beat me down. I would second, third, and fourth guess myself, going in circles like a rodeo clown. You even let me think I wasn’t worthy of love and destined to be alone. Allowing you cousins, nephews, friends to sell me the same tarnished goods with a slightly different tone. Well trauma, I am putting you on notice. I have renewed my energy, and I embody a power so strong there’s no way you can handle me. I acknowledge my anger, fear, and frustration, and removed any self-abuse. See like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes, and your threats are no longer of use. Yeah, there will be days when my pulse will quicken, or I’ll get overly frustrated. But the choke hold that used to paralyze me is now, and forevermore, negated. I feel the light, and I know I’m worthy to create my every vision in this life. I refuse to be a slave to anymore of your demoralizing strife. The walls and barriers, and even the traps, you set for me will NEVER stop me again. Dear trauma, you’ve been put on notice; your reign of terror has met its end.

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A Letter to Trauma

2 thoughts on “A Letter to Trauma

  1. I’m so happy you’re back!! 🥰🥰
    I absolutely LOVE this.
    Just what I needed to hear, today and everyday 💜


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