This week, I had beautiful encounters with two amazing nurses. The first nurse was the attending nurse for my first procedure this week. Her bedside manner was fantastic, and we spoke about her home in Maine. I was allowed to see the breathtaking view of her home. It was situated atop a cliff, next to a lighthouse. Now, I have never been one to kick and scream when I give blood or had the unfortunate necessity for an IV due to some mysterious dehydration. When I tell you, she set my IV and had all my anesthesia set up before I completed verifying my information. That’s what I call, GOOD! She had cheerful energy about her that made me, instantly, relax. After completing my procedure, I had to hug her on the way out. I know she chalked it up to me being loopy after coming out of anesthesia. Nope, she deserved it.

As we talked, she shared that she would love to move back home. Unfortunately, there is a 30 percent pay cut involved in the potential move. I understood her. Think of this for a moment. I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to take a contracted position overseas. The pay would usher in a significant pay increase. Unfortunately, I would be away from my family, increase my risk for injury or harm, and I would miss out on substantial milestones (done enough of that). Is it worth it? My mom always says, “If you run for the money, you run for more.” So, nurse # 1 asked, “Is the pay decrease worth it to be with family?” and we both replied, “Absolutely.”

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Now, my second nurse this week had a kindred wanderer’s spirit. You know when you step into a place, and you feel the creepy vibe. Well, there was none of that with her. We started our basic get-to-know-you-and-aid-you-in-getting-comfortable routine. As we talked, I couldn’t help but smile. She was not only good at what she did, but she had a welcoming personality. I love, love, love when people discuss how opening their minds helps to create great possibilities. Many people call us dreamers, and that’s partially true. Don’t get me wrong we can be realistic, and we are fully aware that some people, places, and things are just evil and horrible, but we still see potential. The hard part is, we often fail to see those fantastic possibilities in ourselves.

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Our conversation centered around school and our journey to figure out our purpose, path, career, you get it. Some people know what they want to do, from birth. They plan, prepare, execute, assess, and adjust as necessary. Other people, kind of figure it out their path/purpose as they go along. Unfortunately, the group I fall in seems a little indecisive, a bit of a wanderer. However, I realized as I wandered, certain things brought me tremendous joy. I learned what my “thing” was, and I continue to operate within those parameters.

Costa Rica: Pura Vida

Now, most of us have responsibilities that may not allow us to step into our warm, fuzzy dream role. Fortunately, you can start small, plant the seed. You may love dance, but you are not quite Nutcracker Ballet ready, join a local dance group at a recreation center. You could even develop a small dance group in the park. You like singing, go to karaoke night or find a local pub that may allow you to sing one night a month. The possibilities are endless. Just do your best to hold on to your passion. Like my lovely nurses, stay humble and find your thing. If you haven’t already done it, click the blue follow button, like, and share.

Keep pushin’,

Visionary Trailblazin’

Be Humble &Follow Your Heart

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