My son and I took an amazing ecological exploration into the beautiful rain forest of Costa Rica. We took an amazing trip with World Strides. World Strides is a company that provides educational trips for schools (no they are not free, but that’s another story). Students are able to raise money to assist in traveling on short excursions, all over the world. Franklin Military Academy, in Virginia, has an amazing group of forward thinking teachers, students, and staff. An amazing history teacher, I’ll call her Major, brought this opportunity for parents and students to travel to Costa Rica. Now, let me put this into perspective. Major is an amazing educator, and it shows in the respect the students give her. I am not a student, and I love her. Students love her. She is really awesome. She is not a nature person, and she put that to the side, stayed in an air condition free environment to support an enriching, educational experience for the students. She is amazing! Instead of writing a blog, I wanted to share the photos. So, enjoy!

Latin Dance Instructors
Butterfly Exhibit
Zip line and Bungee Instructor
Work Cup Winners
Snake Garden
Viper in the wild
The Frog Pond
Views from the Cloud Forest
Rogelio on the farm
Calm Adult Fruit Bat
Angry Baby Bat
Volcanic Rock

Keep pushin‘ (I don’t own the rights),

Visionary Trailblazin’


Costa Rica

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