With every day there is a new challenge, but each day also presents a new opportunity for growth.  I know I am not the only one that has heard that adversity builds character.  Have you ever had a dream that was so fantastic that you could almost touch it?  Let’s say, a dream house.  You imagine walking up to your custom, stamped, concrete driveway, lined with a perfectly manicured lawn.  The scene is picturesque, boasting mature trees and the sweet smell of lavender. Can you see it?  Now, imagine a country porch with rocking chairs that invite you to sit a spell.  The entire house is, specifically, designed to all your specifications.  Can you see it?

Now, you go through your Pinterest and create your board, reality sets in.  Well, for many of us, we look at our accounts.  Most of the money is accounted for before the check clears the account.  So, guess what?  You must keep pushing, don’t forget.  Many of the writers, bloggers, You Tubers, business professionals, doctors, lawyers, and any other professional share one thing.  They focused on their goal and made it a priority. 

I will admit, I have fallen into the trap of self-defeating thoughts.  Fortunately, I recognized where it was taking me.  Do I fall backwards? Yep.  Have I taken a few nose dives? No doubt.  However, I get up, and I keep my vision in mind.  So, Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “perseverance as a continued effort to do or achieve something, despite difficulties, failures, or opposition”.  Now, some may picture this superhero, like Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel, but in reality, there are many of us right here.  For instance, the mother who must press forward after losing her husband/significant other.  In the midst of her grief, she gets the kids ready for school, and, may even, trudge to work.  How about a disabled veteran coping with losing a limb and their military career?  This veteran must recreate themselves while dealing with the newness of a prosthetic.  Finally, let’s consider the entrepreneur, full of hopes and dreams.  They have been told “no” so many times, they often consider giving up.

Let’s face it, when we have a goal, every obstacle comes out of the woodwork.  During these times, I have to focus, streamline my thoughts and speak my dreams into existence.  Perseverance is about continuing to push beyond the no, until you get a yes.  It takes courage to stick to your guns when the mountains appear higher and the journey to your intended destination is lined with trolls.  These trolls refuse to let you pass.  I recently listened to an amazing podcast, with a focus on changing your “I can’t do that” to ‘how do I make that happen”.  That’s right.  Change the tone and get to work on brainstorming how to get it done.  You may not develop a plan that makes you a millionaire overnight (initially…you must stay positive).  Again, you have to remember, there may, initially, be a no here or there.  The trick is finding the “yes”.

So, I have been told, I am good at coming back strong.  That means, I have faced a few challenges, and, a lot of times, it appeared that I would give up and just maintain the status quo.  However, I have always felt like there is a way to make things happen.  No, I am not saying I don’t have moments when I consider reverting to the easy road, but once I do that, the universe reminds me that I don’t belong there.  Perseverance is like being a phoenix.  You may be temporarily deterred, but you rise from the residue, stronger that before.  Guess what?  You may be burned several times, and each time you come back stronger.

Keep pushin’,

Visionary Trailblazin’

(I don’t own the rights to this)



4 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. But every time we get burned, we learn something new, which makes us more strong abd and self-sufficient. Think back to touching the hot stove the first time. We grow and continue to learn, regardless of our experience


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