My dear friends,

Disclaimer (A little late): Some of the language in the video may be offensive to viewers…

Please excuse the lateness of this revision. My goal was to add this video as an example of one of my favorite things, talking to people.

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The beautiful, young lady filming this video invited me to speak with her aging residents and their invited guests. It was interesting because she only asked me to speak from the heart. Now, there are many things that continue to be near and dear to my heart. Yep, you guessed it, savvy seniors makes the top of the list. I refused to go through my normal presentation prep because I wanted this to be a conversation. I try my best to engage everyone when I speak. So, I aim to make my presentations more of a conversation. I am fully aware that some people will not be interested. I still try.

So, for this fabulous brunch, I had the opportunity to present last. The amazing thing about presenting last was the fact that I could speak from my heart, while incorporating key point from the other speakers. I was able to honor my grandmother, connect with amazing residents, and be present for my friend, Tootie. This event was about more than presenting, it energized me and reminded me that I am capable of many things. Of course, I have many challenges, but I have faith that the Universe, God/Goddess, you know, places us in specific situations to gain, learn, and/or grow. Friends, I have decided it’s time to grow. As always… keep pushin‘.

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Live life (I don’t own these rights),

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Mother’s Day Brunch

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