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I have been away for a couple of weeks.  I am still trying to expand and grow.  However, this post is an awareness piece that I wanted to share.  My family has been touched by many illnesses and diseases, and we are all very vigilant with our regular check ups and exams.  This month is Sarcoidosis Awareness month. 

Sarcoidosis consists of formations of tiny inflammatory particles forming in the organs.  Most common, the particles are found in the lungs, causing persistent dry cough, pain in the chest, and other associated challenges.  These symptoms are not mutually exclusive.  However, if you click here, you will find a resource with more information regarding symptoms.  Sarcoidosis is diagnosed through a chest X-ray, but the specific cause is still unknown.

It is important to see a doctor if you experience the associated risks reduce the likelihood of worsening medical challenges. 

The following lists were retrieved from the Mayo Clinic

Commons Symptoms

-swollen lymph nodes

-pain and swelling of the joints


-Shortness of breath

-Dry cough

-Red or purple rash, may include bumps

Risk Factors

-Typically, between 20-60-years-of-age

-Most often diagnosed in African-Americans

-Commonly occurs in more women than men

-Higher risks for those with family history



Join the quest for a cure. Learn. Share. Repeat.

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Sarcoidosis Awareness

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