Second Wind

Hello friends,

I have been battling my own set of weird cooties, and I am feeling much better. It is tough for me to lie down and accept that, sometimes, even Superwoman needs a break. I worked on aligning priorities, but I also took an opportunity to get the rest that my body needed to recharge to aid in turning visions into realities. I am working on remembering that everything will not happen at once. So, I am pacing myself. I will forever be a work in progress, and I accept that.

So, now, I am sharing a link to a wonderful collaboration. I made my first post today. I felt so accomplished to add something to the team effort. Our effort is a collaborative partnership, geared towards sharing what we know with each other and the world. We are also supporting each other by sharing our resources, knowledge, and ideas to promote living our best lives and being our best selves. Not everyone wants to grow with you, and that is okay. I am learning to be grateful for the lessons I have learned, and the experiences I have shared.

To share:

  1. My best friend’s birthday is Wednesday, March 6th. We are on opposite sides of the country, but we remain close. She continues to support and push me, while I continue to support and push her. So, yep, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sunflower!
  2. Please check out Mentalhealth@home ‘s (Ashley) book Psych Meds Made Easy.  Support and share 🙂 
  3. Check out the Best Life Collaborative. Follow, share, and send us positive vibes.
  4. Check out my first collaborative post
  5. As always…

Keep pushing (I don’t own the rights to this),

Visionary Trailblazin’

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