Strength and Focus

Hello friends,

Have you ever embarked on a mission/goal, full of excitement and joy?  Well, it’s definitely true that when you are about to accomplish something amazing, the universe, God/Goddess, science, or anything else you could think of, comes in and throws a monkey wrench in your path.  Sometimes, it may even seem to be an entire tool shed, full of tools, dumped in the middle of what would otherwise feel like a breakthrough.  As a person that has a little experience with a few obstacles and trip hazards, I have gone from stomping my feet like a toddler to staring at the obstacle to see who would break first.  My mom always says, I seem to love “pushing the rock uphill,” and I admit I can be a little stubborn at times.  However, the challenges have made me stronger and, hopefully, a little smarter. 

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So, I have learned effective ways to remove the egg and pie from my face.    Turn that egg and pie into a pore minimizing face mask. I learned that complaining doesn’t help.  Oh, Fenty make-up is fabulous for hiding a couple of scrapes and blemishes (love this stuff). I realize some of the obstacles are self-made, and most of the people you complain to are wiping off their own pie.  I learned to navigate the crud and muck that slows my stride, and I gather a few of the tools for my tool belt.  Yep, some of those tools that would have created a perfect face plant five years ago come in handy for fixing things here and there.  Today, I am not looking for a bell to ring to get me out of here (tomorrow may be different).  I am a visionary phoenix; taking the physical and metaphoric pain and fueling a passion. 

The phoenix rises out of the fire with the resolve of cold steel, not breaking or bending, but more beautiful and majestic after every re-creation.  I encourage you my friends, to laugh, be grateful, and consider different ways to use your obstacles to your advantage.  Place some of those tools in your tool belt.  They will prove useful for the loose screws you encounter along your journey.  Just never give up.

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Keep on pushing,

Visionary Trailblazin’


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