30-Day Song Challenge: Days 1-11


So, I want to thank Theresaly520, Culture Shocks for posting and participating in this challenge.  I have looked at it everyday and thought of the songs I would add.  I am not sure if she started it, but I love it.  So, please excuse my lateness, but here goes.  

Day 1: Blue Ain’t Your Color- Keith Urban

There are so many songs with a color in the title that this was a little difficult, but I love Keith Urban, and when I listen to this, I remember that blue definitely doesn’t fit me.  Take a listen.

Day 2: One Love-Bob Marley

This one came like a flash.  It is one of my favorites.  It helps me to remember to stay humble and to act from a place of love, as often as possible.

Day 3: It’s a Holiday- Ding Dong

Video Alert Caution!! This song always reminds me of the upcoming carnivals in the Caribbean and Jouvert.  When I hear this song, I want to dance in a parade.

Day 4: Back Stabbers-O’Jays

So, all of us have had those people in our lives that weren’t exactly what they seemed.  It would be great if everyone had good intentions.  Unfortunately, when our rose-colored glasses come off, sometimes, we realize the people we trusted didn’t deserve what we gave.

Day 5: Act Too-The Roots

Lyrics Advisory-Proceed with Caution:  I love hip-hop, and I have been known to play all of my music loud, but this is one of those songs that gets me moving.  This song has even gotten me out of a few funks over the years.  LOOOOOVE The Roots.

Day 6: Magalenha-Sergio Mendes

I cannot Samba at all, but I am learning.  Even though I am not equipped with the right moves (yet), this song always make me want to dance.

Day 7:  Thunder- Imagine Dragons

If I could have a theme song this would be in the top 5.  I have this on my road trip playlist.  Imagine Dragons makes me a believer.  See what I did there? LOL

Day 8. Sober- Demi Lovato

Say what you will about Demi Lovato, but I am proud of her for continuing to try.  After you walk a mile in her shoes, get back to me.  I have worked with many people challenged with substance abuse and mental health concerns, and no judgment you dish out can be worse than what they say to themselves everyday.

Day 9: Got to Give It Up

Anytime I hear this song, I am instantly in a better mood.  My best friend and I have deemed this our song, and there have been times we were in a store on (opposite sides of the country), heard the song, and called the other.  I apologize to all of the people that thought we had lost our minds when we start singing and dancing to the song.  Keep in mind only one of us was in the location that was actually playing the song.

Day 10: I Cry- Anthony Hamilton

This song speaks for itself.  If you’ve been there then you understand.  There is no pain like losing someone you love.

Day 11: In My Feelings- Drake

I like Drake, but I am so tired of seeing people jumping out of cars.  I mean, come on people.  I am so tired of this song.

I hope you enjoyed the songs I added.  Leave comments about the songs.  

Keep on pushin’

Visionary Trailblazin’

4 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge: Days 1-11

  1. Hello! Just getting caught up with checking your musical posts. I was really excited when you joined in! I helped promote this challenge when I was saw another blogger post the calendar. I wanted to support her as she’s going through a lot, and boy has the challenge grown since then! Happy to see many people participating 😀

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