The Call of Belonging

So, this week, I wanted to try something different.  So, I am submitting a small story to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Hopefully, you all when enjoy it, and I’ll get to read some other wonderful things associated with the fantastic picture shared by Yinglan.  So, here goes.  The link to this excellent site is below.

Keep on pushin’

Visionary Trailblazin’

This photo was provided by Yinglan.  Thank you Yinglan!

I was still so excited to finally find my thing.  As I stood among a line of other, average, maybe even invisibly ordinary individuals, I knew I belonged here.  I could feel it.  The sky seemed to cooperate with us, for now. However, it continued to threaten us with an inevitable downpour.  When the skeet ball flew, nothing else mattered.  The line beside me blurred, and the background became invisible.  The air around me, my focus, even the settling of the rifle, complimented my sharp focus.  I zeroed in until there nothing was left; only my front site and the flying ball of clay.  (107 words).


14 thoughts on “The Call of Belonging

  1. You certainly love shooting. Yes intense concentration is essential to shoot well at a flying object.


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