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The Call of Belonging

So, this week, I wanted to try something different.  So, I am submitting a small story to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Hopefully, you all when enjoy it, and I’ll get to read some other wonderful things associated with the fantastic picture shared by Yinglan.  So, here goes.  The link to this excellent site is below.

Keep on pushin’

Visionary Trailblazin’

This photo was provided by Yinglan.  Thank you Yinglan!

I was still so excited to finally find my thing.  As I stood among a line of other, average, maybe even invisibly ordinary individuals, I knew I belonged here.  I could feel it.  The sky seemed to cooperate with us, for now. However, it continued to threaten us with an inevitable downpour.  When the skeet ball flew, nothing else mattered.  The line beside me blurred, and the background became invisible.  The air around me, my focus, even the settling of the rifle, complimented my sharp focus.  I zeroed in until there nothing was left; only my front site and the flying ball of clay.  (107 words).

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Magic Maker

So, it has been a while since I did a Visionary Spotlight.  It’s long overdue.  So, of course, we all know people who seem to make magic happen with the simplest tools. I have always been a huge fan of people who can fix and repair things with ease.  Of course, some people are more technically inclined than others, and Romeo Guishard, Jr. is both creative and mechanically inclined.  I have seen this dude take a string trimmer that was found in a river and bring it back to life.  Yeah, I know anything is possible, but he fixed this thing in 30 minutes.  If I had found it, I would have been preparing to head to the recycling company to hand it over. 

So, a little background on this guy.  First, let me say I appreciate his continued service to others.  He is a U. S. Army veteran that began his career at home in the U. S. Virgin Islands.  He started out as a water purification specialist.  He still boasts about his ability to, not only,  make any water potable, but he can also make it drinkable.  He grew up in the British Virgin Islands and drove all sorts of vehicles (even as a child).  I mean, imagine a 7-year-old that can operate heavy equipment better than some adults (backhoe, excavator, tractor trailer…I know).  Eventually, he changed his job in the military to transportation, and, of course, he was excellent at it.  So, he can diagnose (and repair) anything, and he can operate any wheeled vehicle. 

Some of his hobbies include model boat racing.  Now, many people buy stock boats or have other build them.  Not this guy.  He puts everything together himself!  I never considered how many tiny parts go into a model boat.  All the pieces are, indeed, little boat parts.  Just imagine a small scale racing boat with an inboard engine.  It’s impressive to see in action.  It was even more interesting to see him modify the engine so that it could win races with his fellow r/c boat enthusiast.  Of course, being from the islands, he can captain a boat (and repair them).  I mean this guy should just open his own shop. 

He has done all sorts of cool and unusual things.  Long story short, he is a jack of all trades, but he has mastered a few, too.   Romeo continues to fix and repair cars, trucks, washers, dryers, and so much more.  The universe has genuinely gifted this guy with magic hands. If all of this wasn’t enough to warrant a look, he’s also working on his private pilot’s license.  So, click on the videos attached below.  Like the videos, follow, share, leave comments. And as always…

Keep on pushing,

Visionary Trailblazin’