Holiday Hope

So, I was wondering, how do we extend the spirit and flare of giving of the holiday season?  During this time of year, the cheer of the season seemingly casting a spell.  It would be nice to bottle it up and sprinkle it when needed like fairy dust.  Don’t get me wrong; there are still the cases of insane road rage and disturbing bar-style fights over deeply discounted items coveted throughout the year.  Overall, many people get bitten by the cheerful-giving bug.  You might see them smiling, greeting others, and making more attempts to be generous and understanding.

However, many people struggle to get through the holidays.  Some have experienced loss, hunger, no employment, limited (or no) finances, and any other combination of life-altering challenges.  I am guilty of taking my situation and people for granted.  I continue to be a work in progress.  However, I have, since, learned from my challenges, and I strive every day to be better than yesterday.  One word, one smile, and even the simplest kind gesture could mean the difference between a little hope and despair.  I know it may seem like a stretch, but thousands of people are struggling, physically and mentally, to survive.  We hear a lot of stories about the challenges faced by service members. However, some people have never served in the armed forces struggling with the same problems. 

 In a fast-paced world, thriving on trends, the subtle art of being kind gets lost.  Now, I am not saying go out an hug everyone you see.  Some people may not take to this action.  I’m just saying be kind, be grateful, practice humility, and let your human side out a little more often.  I truly believe the universe rewards us for our actions.  Enjoy the holiday season, learn something new, but as you progress through the next two months, remember that everyone you encounter is struggling with something. Be kind.


Visionary Trailblazin’


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