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Greetings WordPress friends and family,

I have enjoyed reading blogs, posts, and, I have even indulged in a few videos.  I thought about the reasons I began this blog and what I hoped to gain.  Of course, I love to write, but I also enjoy the connections between other bloggers and writers.  Recently, I have had a few friends and family provide feedback on the blog, and I appreciate all of that.  However, I had to really think about what I hoped to gain.  I never really considered the people I wanted to “target” because that really wasn’t my goal.  I still believe we can all benefit.  That may be naïve, but that’s just me.


Now, that I have had an opportunity to regroup after endings and beginnings, I have really focused on regrouping and ending self-sabotage.  I started by reading Sam Hand’s blog, (check it out https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/144963055/posts/68wrote), and it made me think about my Queen of the Mountain.  I love the story, and I have plans for the main character.  However, I realized that I was following the glitter when this idea popped into my head.  I have been working on another piece for a while.  Unfortunately, I have made excuses that have taken me further and further away from it.  So, to finish this piece, I have started really focusing on the project.


Visualizing the plot

Now, don’t judge me, but I want to share some of the tools I use to really push through difficult spots in my project (besides burying my head in the sand and completely avoiding it).  So, I started to get myself reacquainted with my old characters and all the shenanigans they were getting into, but I became stuck all over again.  When I get stuck like this, I stage the scene I am writing about.  I have a decent imagination, but like many writers, periods of blockage do come.  So, I started collecting Barbie and Ken dolls a long time ago.  No, they are not still in the packages.  I have an entire box (and hamper) filled with Barbie, Ken, Skipper, and all the rest.  I love the new realistic figures (not the Barbie variety), but they are out of my price range.  So, when my story gets fuzzy, I stage the scene that I’m stuck on.  I maneuver through the story like a movie or stop-motion.  Most of the time, it gives me a better feel for where to go next.  I have found it keeps me focused. 

Putting Together

One of the other things I have started playing around with included piecing the story together.  I have found that I can get one part of the story down, instead of staying stuck.  I realized that moving to another section gives me just enough juice to create the connections I was missing in the beginning.  Now, this, of course, is not an exact science.  I am the greenest, novice writer out here, but I feel great knowing that I am pushing to the end.  Please share your writing tips and tricks.  I continue to learn so much the more I read and share.

Keep on pushing,

Visionary Trailblazin’


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