Ideas on the Fly

As a person that sees the vision beyond the perceived disaster, I always see potential.  The problem with potential is that, now, it may not amount to much.  I’ve seen so many excited people driven and focused on their ideas.  Most of these visions are shared among family, friends, and, sometimes, the world.  I have… Read More


We always hear that you can’t stop time. Do the things that bring you happiness.  Tell the people closest to you that you love them.  I began my day at work with a shock.  Another beautiful person was gone.  She was loving, caring, and always encouraged others, even if she didn’t have to.  Something as… Read More

Surviving the Holidays

I bear no resemblance to Scrooge, and while I think the Grinch is hilarious, I don’t fit into that category, either.  I love the traditions, rituals, and experiences I share with my family for the holidays.  However, I don’t always enjoy the constant commercials, gift ideas, and other marketing that come with the season.  As… Read More