Suicide Awareness

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I wanted to stop for a moment to discuss suicide prevention month. Now, I think this is a topic that requires attention every day. However, I want to do my part to bring a few of the resources I have found that may assist those in need. Let’s start with the basics. The goal of suicide prevention month involves bringing awareness and providing resources to individuals, groups, and communities about the risks and signs that someone is considering taking their own life.


Many people know about the #22 Movement that focuses on research compiled by the Veterans Health Administration. This research revealed that as of 2011, 22 veterans a day committed suicide. That comes to, roughly, one every 65 minutes. Now, my math may be off, but the bottom line is one person a day is too much. Now, the research may reveal different numbers today, but being aware may help someone in your community.

As a veteran, I have had soldiers that have trained with me, been in charge of me or those I have been responsible for that have taken their lives. There are no words that can explain the feeling of pain and guilt associated with losing someone to suicide. Now, many believe that there may be no signs, but every person I have known displayed some of the symptoms I will list.

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Who is at Risk?

Attempted suicide
Facing mental health or substance use challenges
Facing legal or financial difficulties
Jail or incarcerated
Experiencing any violence
Witnessed or related to someone that has committed suicide

The National Institute of Mental Health has compiled a more comprehensive list of signs and symptoms, but, as you can see, anyone is at risk. Below, I have listed resources that will provide you with the information to help you learn what to look for to prevent suicide. First, last, and always… if someone tells you they plan to harm themselves, believe them!

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4 thoughts on “Suicide Awareness

  1. So true. Awareness is key in these days. Resiliency is a must. Where one resource may not be idea other one may be.


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