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Selfish vs. Selfless

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This week, I have had so many conversations about power and the abuse of power.  I started doing a little reading, and I ran across the article linked below.  I thought about the terms selfish vs. selfless.  Now, states that selfish describes someone who is solely concerned about their own well-being and care WITHOUT regard for others.  Selfless was defined as having little concern for yourself while looking out for others.  Now, when I considered the literal meaning of both words, I would not want to be considered, totally, one or the other.

Sheena Amin, contributing author for Huffington Post, made a great point.  We will quickly jump on the negative for either, but we need a balance of both.  One key point I pulled from her article was the idea that (some of us) find joy in service to others.  Personally, it pulls out the human in me.  The connections you feel to the work you’re doing, observing the impact you have on others, and the warm fuzzies that come from knowing, just for today, I made a difference, makes it all worth it.  Now, tomorrow, I may still binge watch YouTube videos and not answer my phone.  Don’t get me wrong, some people refuse to engage in service to others. Does that make them selfish? No, I don’t think so. The problems come in when we attempt to inject our opinions on someone else.

What do I mean?  Well, I enjoy community service.  So, whenever I can, I volunteer.  Some may have challenges that prevent them from doing what I do.  We must also consider that everyone is not at the same place and stage in life where that matters to them. Let’s look at the words I brought up, selfish and selfless.  Do we automatically assume a person is selfish if they don’t help an elderly woman across the street or walk through a door without holding it for someone else?  Sometimes.  Is a person that serves in a soup kitchen considered selfless because they volunteer time they could have gone to the beach or taken a nap? Maybe.

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I watched a great YouTube video that put the whole concept into perspective.  Why do we consider most things in terms of all or nothing?  I agree that you can be both and still be a great human being.  Think outside the box.  There is nothing wrong with assisting others, working towards your goals, finding time to just live in the moment, and being okay with all of it.  Just a thought.

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Not Your Average Seniors

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So, I wrote a little about multigenerational families and communities. This time I wanted to highlight some of the great and wonderful things seniors are getting into. Many agencies discuss the rising number of seniors, aged 60-years-of-age and older, highlighting the challenges faced with meeting the ever-increasing needs of the population. Well, this post will not present a fix for these challenges. However, I am so excited to highlight some of the wonderful activities that active seniors have created and engage in to stay active. We are not talking about shuffleboard and bingo, people. The days of playing solitaire and bridge with your friends is a cool down day for many seniors these days.

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Seniors are coming together to stay active. Most community centers have engaging senior programs that include water aerobics, swimming, Zumba classes. Yes! You read correctly, there are seniors that maintain better health than their much younger counterparts. I mean, I watched some seniors really getting it, and I was sweating watching them move. It was truly inspirational. One of the things I gathered from talking to seniors included: 1) Watch what you’re putting in your body. Too much of anything is not good for you. Fruits, vegetables, and more water people. 2) Get some rest. 8-10 hours is the recommended amount of rest to operate at an optimal level. 3) Learn to relax. There are millions of things we can stress about, the question is determining how many of those things are in our control. 4) Live for the moments that make you laugh, smile, and enjoy life.

Now, there are seniors that are unable to be active. This group may present a different set of issues. Some face challenges with physical and mental health challenges that require part- or full-time living assistance. Even with the increased need for trained and empathetic professionals to work with the population, many universities and community agencies have developed programs to reduce victimization of vulnerable seniors by sharing information and resources. So…each one, teach one. As always do your research, and when you can, volunteer. Check out the attached links, and learn about the amazing developments in your area.

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Customer Service


So, I decided, after facing several challenges with customer service representatives, that great customer service is diminishing.  All of us have had some type of experience with customer service. If you have a cell phone, shop, buy food, or just buy, sell or trade in the marketplace period, you have experienced some form of customer service. Now, the words should speak for themselves.  The customer is usually the person purchasing or requesting goods or services.  Services include the goods or services being offered.  To put it simply, in any industry, if you expect people to return and continue engaging in business with you, it would probably make sense to provide excellent service.

So, for anyone planning to go into business or working in customer service let’s consider these things:

  • The first impression presented to your clients and/or customers is the most critical window of opportunity for your establishment.  If the customer feels like their patronage is not valued, you may lose not only the customer
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    but every person that they may have referred.

  • Be patient and listen to what your customer is saying or requesting.  Never assume you know what your customer wants.
  • Never rush your current customer just to get to the next customer.  Be in the moment. Every customer should count.
  • Never follow customers down the angry rabbit hole.  Be aware that some customers will arrive in catastrophe mode.
  • It never hurts to smile.

Customer service is not for everyone.  If you are not a person who likes people, this may not be the career for you.  When I think of customer service, I think about the restaurants that have lines outside the door, with hour-long wait times.  People wait happily because they know the food and service will be fantastic.  Then, I think about having an issue with an item I purchased that may not have worked for me the way it was intended.  When I go to customer service, I stand in line for 20-minutes, while four customer service associates carry on a conversation.  When they finally get to me, I get an attitude and an interrogation (I had a receipt).  It made me think, why did I even come here.

Friends, now it’s your turn.  In the comment section, tell us about some of your customer service experiences good or bad.

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