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A Rural Paradise


Fish Bay

Road Town  Tortola

The British Virgin Island (BVI) presents an exciting mix of paradise with a country twist.  There you will find no box stores or franchises.  All the restaurants, shops, and local markets continue to be locally owned. There are new developments such as Pier Park, Sports Complex, and Maria’s by the Sea.  These local treasures began as a little idea, and they blossomed into beauty they are today.  Now, the focus of this story is specifically Road Town Tortola, BVI, which is by far, my favorite island escape.  The island provides a little of everything to entice its visitors and friends.


Pier Park, Tortola BVI

Adventure Awaits

For the adventurer, Sage Mountain National Park offers a walking trail that shows off the exotic beauty hidden in the wilderness of the tallest point in the British Virgin Islands.  There is a wonderful hiking trail that leads to spectacular views of Jost Van Dye, the US Virgin Islands, Peter Islands, and other views in the Virgin Islands chain.  If you get a chance a trek on this trail, make sure to take pictures of the spectacular vegetation and views from the top.

Arts, Crafts, and Keepsakes

If you are interested in local arts and crafts, visit the colorful, Crafts Alive Village.  Here you will find local artists’ work, beautiful jewelry, clothing, and souvenirs to share.  The local artisans offer welcoming attitudes and plenty of conversation to keep you coming back.  Here there is no pressure to buy but be reminded this is how they feed their families.  Most shops are open six days a week, closed on Sunday.

If you’re hungry, head across the street to the Pusser’s Outpost for delicious food and Pusser’s World famous British rum.  When I traveled with my family to Tortola, we ordered a corn dog was so huge it required a stand to hold it up.   After sampling Pusser’s British Rum, I woke up two days later contemplating the meaning of life.  Just kidding, but the rum will sneak up on you.


Road Town, Tortola offers a nice mixture of sun, fun, food, and shopping with beautiful Trade wind breezes.  You can create a vacation of your dreams with short island tours, nightlife, and local cuisine to whet your pallet.  Listen to a little soca, calypso, reggae, and dancehall to get your blood pumping and your body moving.




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Slaney Point, Tortola BVI